11 Apr, 2024

Minutes of Meetings

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Outline programme of work and activities:

  • Organisation of specialist conference in Hamburg / Lübeck , April 2003
  • Help with organisation of a special session at the IWA World Water Congress in Marakesch, with a focus on the African situation
  • Preparation of a Scientific and Technical Reports on this subject
  • Networking and a discussion forum and establishing a webpage on the internet
  • Production of a group newsletter for electronic dissemination

Minutes of the Meeting of the IWA SG on “Resource orientated Sanitation”, March 2007, Aachen, Germany
Minutes of the Meeting of the IWA SG on “Ecological Sanitation”, 13 September 2006, Beijing, PR China
Minutes from the meeting of the IWA specialist group on Ecological Sanitation in Lübeck, 10 April 2003
Minutes of the first meeting at IWA congress Berlin 2001